Construction Contractors & Consultants

1 Remodel is a hybrid mix of expert construction consultants, planners, contractors and craftspersons dedicated to the art, culture, and discipline of remodeling, construction & building renovation.


1923 S. 3rd St. St Louis, MO 63104

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Construction Contracting & Consulting by 1 Remodel
Servicing Room to Whole Building Residential & Commercial Construction Contracting & consulting Including Carpentry, Mechanical Trades, Design, Architecture, Engineering & Permitting.
Construction & Remodeling Consulting
Your construction or remodeling project can run smoothly, on budget and achieve spectacular results with 1 Remodel.
Achieving synergy in your renovation project requires disciplined & dedicated construction remodeling professionals like the experts at 1 Remodel. A total contractor service including skilled trades professionals, design geniuses, creative craftspersons and the people that have what it takes to get a job done right!
Construction, Renovation, & Remodeling
Residential construction, commercial remodeling, and building renovation experts.
1 Remodel creates beautiful spaces with modern amenities and lasting durability from delipidated properties.
Historic Preservation
Building Renovation
Life Spaces
Living Great
Kitchen Remodeling
Stylish Cuisine
Bathroom Remodeling
Personal Beauty
1Remodel is St Louis' elite construction & renovation contracting professionals.
We don't take every project, but if we do it will be spectacular. 1Remodel is Saint Louis Mo contracting, design and construction production excellence.
Beautiful Kitchens
We create some of St Louis' finest kitchens with creative design experts and highly trained construction experts.
Designer Bathrooms
Create a wonderful private space in your most private of space with 1 Remodel Designer bathroom renovations.
Building Modernization
Making select buildings stylish, functional and modern with cutting edge construction methods, edgy desirable decor and fantastic client value.
Amazing Spaces
We create amazing people spaces including intimately unique bedrooms, robust gathering areas & trendy spaces.